iziBasic apps by Lou Incorvati

Stop or Go is a board game based on "Can't Stop". Up to four players, human or AI. Roll four dice to create two numbers between 2 and 12. Move your markers up the columns. When you've used all three markers, you must decide: Stop or Go? Be the first to get to the top of three columns.

Download StopOrGo.zip

DiceDeck resolves one of the most common complaints of Catan players: the dependence on the randomness of the dice. An unlikely run of dice (lots of 5's and no 8's) can dictate the result of the game. The dice even themselves out over a large number of rolls, but often not in one game. The alternative is to use a deck of "dice cards", one card for each of the 36 dice combinations to resolve this issue. The cards are not returned to the deck, so the distribution of "rolls" is exactly as expected over a larger number of rolls. One or more "shuffle cards" can be added to add some variability back into the dice rolls. Otherwise, the deck is shuffled when all cards have been drawn. DiceDeck does exactly the same thing. You can choose one or two sets of 36 dice combinations, and you can add up to 5 shuffle cards. You may also choose to roll random dice, but using your Palm device. DiceDeck includes a histogram to track the frequency of each number. DiceDeck also includes an event die for Cities & Knghts. You can choose to use a random event die or a certain number of sets of 6 sides of the die.

Download DiceDeck.zip